Female health disruptor showcases world first in innovative self-pleasure device


GetMine, the innovator in Female Tech and disruptor in the world of Sexual Health is unveiling the world’s first attachable clitoral stimulator,  at Europe’s largest technology marketplace this year, the 2018 Web Summit.


The female health company GetMine, which specialises in innovative wearable pleasure devices, is harnessing all the latest technology to develop products that will transform and reframe pleasure in health and importantly help women understand HOW to achieve and enjoy ultimate self-pleasure.


The booming Femtech market is tipped to be the next trillion-dollar industry, with an estimated value of £122.96 bn by 2026 (CBN Insights), meaning this is a market to understand and invest in, fast. The device, called Clit It, has been devised by leading female Urologist and Sexual Medicine Specialist, designed by industrial designer Eliana Rodríguez and Co Founder of GetMine.


Clit It ergonomic design maximises multiple pleasure points with hands-free, wearable option to discover and explore self-pleasure, allowing the device to provide every woman with a higher chance to control and climax better than ever before. The GetMine product portfolio contains the latest and most advanced technology in the health market, with futuristic body responsive technology that automatically detects arousal levels and adjusts vibrations accordingly.


Clit It is taking personalised self-pleasure to the next level, improving sexual wellbeing, along with all the health benefits that naturally come with that.


Designed to take on the form of women’s multiple pleasure points, Clit It is easily and securely placed on the sensual female clitoris and will allow women to control this wearable device to suit their physiological needs and climax like never before. Effortlessly.


Dominnique Karetsos, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at GetMine, comments, “We know that 80% of women self pleasure, but only 32% ever climax, that’s just over 1bn women globally who don’t experience their fulfilled pleasure, which is ludicrous! Our mission is to help women live everyday healthy pleasure. With over 50 years of experience in the industry between us at GetMine, we know that this is a ground-breaking product to enter the market.


“As a FEMTECH-lead company, the evolution of Clit It will include smart body responsive technology within the device. This innovation will take personalisation of self-pleasure to the next level. We want to take the frustration out of women’s hands (and heads) and put enjoyment back at the heart of sexual experiences. Literally!”


This working prototype is on the cusp of changing the FEMhealth market forever.

Clit It will validate the market need for an overhaul in female pleasure devices and the increasing misunderstood nature of sex toys for women.

Finally, technology and pleasure working together in one device to help women discover, achieve, enjoy and live everyday healthy pleasure.




For more information contact:


CMO & Co-Founder : Dominnique Karetsos

Email : press@getminehp.com

Mobile : +447513027625


Or visit : www.getminehp.com

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