Getmine leading the way in the 'pleasure for health' revolution

Our Mission is to help women understand HOW to achieve and enjoy self pleasure and improve healthy sexual living.

We are the FIRST sexual device to be devised by a Urologist, Andrologist & Sexual Medicine Expert.

CEO Dr Mª Fernanda (Mafe) Peraza Godoy along with two other female founders (at 40), CIO Eliana Rodríguez Capriles and CMO Dominnique Karetsos create and continue to develop GetMine Healthy Pleasure portfolio with a mission to strike taboos and dissolve centuries of false beliefs around pleasure and healthy sexual living. Instead, through innovation, thoughtful design and technology, GetMine creates products and solutions that help women to discover, explore and yes climax along their personal journey of pleasure.

At GetMine we are committed to helping women live everyday, healthy pleasure.

Our Founders

GetMine Team Photo

Mª Fernanda Peraza Godoy

CEO & Founder

Mafe is a urologist-andrologist and sexual medicine expert, passionate life lover who firmly believes that individual action generates collective change.  “I’m here to innovate and disrupt every area of women sexual experience and frame it into Health”.

Being the bridge between health and SexTech with the aim to connect women with their own sexuality and change the speech about female sexuality; building the core to empower women through their behave around sex. But sex is still not socially acceptable at all. So, She decided to do something, to be part of the change, founding GetMine Healthy Pleasure.

Eliana GetMine

Eliana Rodríguez Capriles

CIO & Co-Founder

Design disruptor, Eliana is passionate about design that delivers functional performance with excellence and uniqueness. Every design is influenced by her female-centric and empowering philosophy 

An experienced Industrial Designer, Eliana’s designs are a constant evolution of adapting every detail and curating each benefit to suit the needs of today’s woman, creating true functional innovation encapsulated in aesthetically elegant devices. 

Dominnique Karetsos

CMO & Co-Founder

With a preference for working in disruptive industries and challenging environments, it’s no surprise that Dominnique’s passion and speciality is  in sextech start-ups. Dedicated to ensuring Getmine Healthy Pleasure is instrumental in shaping the next generation of sextech products and philosophies.  With a true entrepreneurial passion for being part of the sextech revolution, Dominnique is an established marketing & brand architect, investor, broadcaster and global business development professional, With nearly two decades of experience delivering high-level consultancy in multi-sector business transformation and has launched and landed campaigns in over 40 markets.